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HOMES ETC. is using NUDURA ICF's - Energy efficient building techniques that save construction labour costs, plus time, money and the environment.
NUDURA Integrated Building Technology is vastly superior to traditional stick framing methods
Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms - Beginning of Foundation
NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms or (ICF’s) are a proven method of providing you a better alternative to traditional building methods.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms consist of two stay in place panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) connected with our innovative hinged folding web. The forms are stacked, reinforced and then filled with concrete, creating a solid reinforced monolithic concrete wall. Building with NUDURA offers a variety of advantages over traditional building methods. NUDURA offers form thicknesses consisting of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12 inches allowing you to build your home as strong as you like.

NUDURA Integrated Building Technology is vastly superior to traditional stick framing methods. Building technology has seen rapid advances in recent times, with builders and home owners looking for newer, more efficient ways to build homes that are stronger green homes, more comfortable and energy-efficient. NUDURA concrete homes offer you a better built home.

Nudura interior concrete forms
Nudura Integrated Building Technology - Foundation Step 2 Nudura final concrete
For more information
please contact Mark Larush or visit www.nudurahomes.com
Nudura Concrete Homes - Energy Efficient


to all of our golfers, volunteers and participants who supported the Brandon's Eye Research Fund. Your donations help research potentially blinding vision disorders at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children

Brandon's Eye Research Fund Ambassador, Barbara Merickson and her daughter Rachael are thankful for the fund that has helped her eye problem at Sick Kids hospital.

Brandons Eye Research Fundraiser & Golf Tournament by Homes Etc.

above Ieft to right (Athena, Jamie Letros, Rachael, Barbara Merickson, Mark LaRush)
kitchen addition - windows
kitchen addition to the backyard -during
Margie and Brian are happy to entertain family and friends in their new kitchen. Homes etc. provided top quality craftsmanship from the custom ceramic flooring to the skylight ceiling. Feature additions and renovations included:
  • extended kitchen
  • skylights - opened ceiling
  • heated custom ceramic flooring
  • cabinetry - granite countertops
  • kitchencraft cabinetry
  • crown moulding & trim
kitchen cabinetry
flooring under construction flooring & kitchen entrance -during
kitchen addition - exterior
kitchen addition to the backyard - after
heated ceramic flooring
flooring & entrance to kitchen - after
The Building Industry and Land Development Association BILD (formerly known as GTHBA-UDI) grants Homes etc. the best renovation award winner - under $75,000. See pictures above.


"A kitchen addition and renovation in North York earned Homes Etc. the award for best renovation under 75,000.00. The new kitchen and deck structure was created to create a more functional space for entertaining. It includes the addition of heated floors, remote control skylights and a spectacular view of the existing gardens.

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